About Us

We love to cook. Especially pudding. It is our dear mom’s treasured recipe. At first we only made pudding for family, friends and relatives. Surprisingly, they love its taste! In 2002, we decided to bring its goodness to you. We started to cook our homemade pudding by order.

Sweet Mom Pudding is so special, it reminds you of mom’s home cook. It also has unique shape and great taste. Most of other puddings are served with vla to enhance the taste, but our pudding is delicious enough as it is. It’s made from fresh, natural and the best quality ingredients. No preservatives.

Sweet Mom Pudding has healthy ingredients. Do you believe that a pudding a day keeps doctor away? As suggested by dietician, Sweet Mom’s main pudding ingredient, agar-agar (red algae), has the highest fiber content among other foods and has several health benefits which include:

•    Prevents constipation.
•    Lowers your risk of digestive conditions.
•    Lowers blood cholesterol levels.
•    Controls blood sugar levels.
•    Aids in weight loss.

We are committed to creating more flavors, more shapes but still keeping the finest homemade pudding.

Have a sweet day & have a delicous pudding!